Welcome! I’m Jan, a home gardener in “upstate” New York, zone 5b.  Gardening is my hobby, my passion, my most favorite thing to do.  I would rather be in my garden than just about anywhere else – in short, I am crazy about gardening!  I’ve started this blog as a means to explore, learn about, and share information on organic, sustainable and life-enhancing gardening practices.

I need to confess at the outset that, although I am pretty skilled at navigating a local garden center/nursery or two, I cannot say the same about navigating a blog.  It’s taken me much more time than I want to admit just to figure out how to create this first simple post.  Finally, I think,  I’m starting to have a vague idea of what I’m doing.

Of course, I have no idea whether anyone is going to actually read anything that I write here.  I may very well end up just “talking” to myself. (It wouldn’t be the first time…) but, if you are here and you are reading this,  I hope that you will come back again.  I hope that you will have patience with my extensive lack of technical knowledge.  And, I hope that we can have an ongoing, neighborly conversation about growing vegetables, herbs and flowers in ways that support our health, our communities and our environment.




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